One Little Word

It’s a new year. Time for One Little Word. Ali Edwards started the One Little Word project in 2006 and I just ran across a link to it on Mrs. Shaum’s Class Blog (I don’t know Mrs. Shaum but her blog is fantastic).

So, my word for this new year?


That’s it. Three little letters for one little word. But is it so little? I want to say “YES” to more ideas, more chances, more changes, more adventures, more opportunities. Even if they are scary, even if they are boring, even if they are…I’m not sure about this kind of things.

So what about you? What’s your One Little Word for this year? It can be anything…Here is an example of student words picked up from Mrs. Shaum’s blog as well as a few words to choose from:


Inspiring, isn’t it?

help           connect        acceptance    story
peace        delight          engage            think
vitality      genuine        courage          read
nurture     shine             welcome        love
laugh         leap               onward           climb
light           unhurried    lighten            listen
up               family            grow                play
open          focused        joy                    learn
thrive        trust               inspire            become
grace         embrace       simplify           trust
give           gratitude       patience        ask

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