Schoolhouse Rocks Grammar

Ok. I was born in 1972. You do the math.  I was of the generation that grew up with ABC Afterschool Specials, the very beginnings of (and best) Mtv, and Schoolhouse Rock.


I had forgotten about this last gem until I ran across this blog. This middle school teacher cracks me up! Anyway, he had his class look at this about adverbs. I was thrown right back to the 70’s!  But the coolest part is that it worked. Those Schoolhouse Rock shows really taught me things. So, I’m going old school baby and showing them to my students.

But wait! There’s more. Schoolhouse Rock was able to put to music a myriad of great things. How about Conjunction Junction? Want to know how a bill becomes a law (I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill), or the three branches of government? If you’re my age, are you getting just a little misty eyed about those sweet, simpler times?

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